Preservation Park1233 Preservation Park Way, Oakland

Preservation Park is an eye-catching re-creation of a Victorian neighborhood, providing an exceptional venue for indoor and outdoor weddings and events.
You and your guests can savor the feeling of having this private, charming “town” all to yourselves…vows at the Pavilion, drinks and hors d’oeuvres at the fountain, and dinner and dancing in the vintage Nile Hall…a San Francisco Bay Area jewel.

Preservation Park’s unique collection of historic houses include a five-room conference center for meetings, seminars and conferences. The spaces vary from classroom style (Robinson House) to gracious salon (Ginn House) to an Arts & Crafts building (Nile Hall). Experience Victorian charm with modern day amenities…conveniently located in the East Bay, just minutes from downtown San Francisco.

The Park’s social center is the Pavilion, a graceful bandstand where ceremonies take place. Outdoor receptions are held in the adjacent Fountain Circle, a circular plaza with a large two-tiered Parisian fountain topped by the moon goddess Diana at its center.

If you are planning an indoor reception/event, two houses just off the Fountain Circle are available. The Ginn House, circa 1890, features two delightfully light and airy parlors reminiscent of an English country home. Both rooms are gracefully decorated with Victorian period art, drapes, and historic light fixtures. A grand staircase cascades into the foyer and each room is detailed with original wood paneling. Nile Hall, circa 1911, is a craftsman-style building with a sensational space for a grand and elegant party. It has a 30-foot-high ceiling, rich velvet ceiling-to-floor drapes, skylights, multiple windows, a stage, and a theatrical lighting and sound system.

Up to 250 guests

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