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The Vapor Bar: A Mixology Inspired Marriage of Muzzle and Mouth

June 28, 2012
Kirsty Gumina

Meet our Bar Manager, Roberto Franco, who has a passion for creating specialty drinks to compliment any party’s theme. Roberto keeps his ear to the ground listening for the latest trends in the beverage world to keep our bar program innovative. Hot right now is a detail that sets any event apart from others: the vapor bar. The marriage of the muzzle and the mouth is nothing new to food lovers, and Roberto has taken this science behind the bar, creating an olfactory experience with every sip.

“The vapor bar is perfect for corporations and international companies looking for something fun, different and unique. It’s an original detail that can be added even to large-scale events. It’s very appealing and a great way to enhance the client’s bar experience.”

Using a vaporizer, our team of specially trained mixologists ignites the ingredients into pure aromatic vapor. The vapor is then captured under a glass bell jar where it is infused into alcohol.

“We infuse everything from ginger, mint and pomegranate green tea to cinnamon, Uncle Larry’s organic tangerine peels (homemade in our kitchen) and organic orange zest.”

The final result is an innovative cocktail, dramatic in look and unparalleled in taste. While it may seem time consuming, making a drink with a vaporizer takes about the same time as a regular cocktail. It is an interactive sensory and social experience that is a great way to engage guests.

According to Roberto, the good ole Manhattan is a popular vaporized drink often on the menu.

“We make ours with bourbon, sweet vermouth then infuse the alcohol with vaporized tangerine peels, organic orange extract and cinnamon flavor then garnished with a peach nectar ice cube.”

Sounds delicious – we’ll cheers to that!

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