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The Art of Floral Design: A Look into McCalls’ Floral Department

August 14, 2012
Kirsty Gumina

A branch of art in itself, floral design is a very integral part of the overall look and atmosphere of any event. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that our innovative floral designer, Miguel Torres, comes from an artistic calling and background himself: “It was a natural and complimentary extension to my work as a nature based, site specific sculptor. I did not foresee having a career in floral and event design, but once I started working with flowers and designing events, I truly enjoyed it and found the creative challenge inspiring.” A designer who doesn’t conform to trends, Miguel makes original designs from scratch and particularly enjoys creating large scale, sculptural pieces. Out of his 15 years of floral industry experience, we feel fortunate that 10 of them have been with us.

Miguel and his team of 27 colleagues are based out of our very own warehouse in South San Francisco. Our hard working floral team does everything from performing the daily tasks of managing a floral studio, to assisting in bringing floral visions to life onsite at event venues. Over the years Miguel has witnessed his department evolve into a dynamic floral tour de force: “The floral department has always been a key design component to McCalls. Over the years our work has gotten more imaginative, innovative, creative and eclectic. We are able to design and execute a myriad of design styles and themes to suit any aesthetic or venue.”

One of the largest – and most fun – floral jobs that the McCalls floral team efficiently and successfully accomplished was for a week-long series of cocktail and dinner receptions held in a tent on Treasure Island. Over the course of that week, the floral department processed and used approximately 250,000 stems of Ecuadorian roses. According to Miguel, “It was quite a thorny affair.”

The impending autumn is Miguel’s favorite season for flowers and foliage. As weddings abound this September and October, and fall holidays are just around the corner, you can look forward to harvest colors in fall fruits, like orange persimmons and burgundy pomegranates. Gourds and pumpkins, or even fall branches, can further add depth to any floral design or stand alone as their own beautiful centerpieces. Also widely available is a profusion of autumn flowers, including hydrangeas, dahlias, and rose hips. As Miguel succinctly states, “It’s a lovely, festive time to enjoy the abundance of all the flora and fauna.”

To see more beautiful works and inspiration, please check out the Floral Galleries on our website:

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