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Giving Back

November 26, 2014
Kirsty Gumina

019Every Thanksgiving the McCalls Chefs take time away from their busy schedules to give back to our local San Francisco community. Each year our Chefs work with  Fraternité of Notre Dame and the “Mary of Nazareth” Soup Kitchen , two organizations who help feed the homeless in Union Square, the Tenderloin and other areas around the City. Our Chefs dedicate this week to prepping and cooking meals to feed about 800 people in San Francisco over the course of two days.


Wondering how much food McCalls produces for this close-to-our-hearts cause? On Tuesday alone the Chefs prepared 60 Thanksgiving Turkeys and over 100 Pumpkin Pies!  Additionally they made delectable side dishes, including Sweet Potato Mash and Stuffing, topping it all off with our mouthwatering Sage Gravy.










If you are short on time this Thanksgiving but would like to share and give thanks to our community this holiday season, please reach out to Fraternité of Notre Dame. If you are looking to give back during other times of the year, join them in Union Square where they feed up to 200-250 homeless every Tuesday.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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