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Celebrating with the Symphony

September 7, 2011
Kirsty Gumina

As McCalls kitchen is busy working to prepare for the Centennial Season Opening Night Gala for the SF Symphony, we were pleased to be mentioned in edible San Francisco” recently in an article about last year’s Black and White Ball.

The “edible San Francisco” had this to say: “At the Symphony’s last Black and White Ball, Lucas Schoemaker, President and Executive Chef of McCalls Catering & Events, and his team fed over 12,000 people in one evening.  And as the night ended, Schoemaker wasn’t simply proud of his delicate canapés or pupusas. He was most excited that no food had gone to waste; ‘we hit the numbers right on the mark.’”

“Even in a business that trends towards fanciful, Schoemaker’s respect for food, people and culture always comes before fanfare. A native of the Netherlands, he grew up with parents who experienced great deprivation and hunger. ‘We were taught to be frugal,’ he says. And true to his upbringing, Schoemaker implemented sustainable practices long before waste management was a citywide ordinance. As one of the largest food service companies in the city, he says his business became a model for other restaurants. ‘Many people said it was impossible,’ he remembers. ‘But then they would say, if McCalls can do it, you can too.’”

A large part of who we are at McCalls is the passion and depth of experience of our kitchen staff, led by Lucas Schoemaker. Our staff is distinguished by their precision in everything they do.  Their inspiration to create delicate and delicious fare comes as much from around the globe as from our diverse city.

We are proud to be part of the Symphony again this year as we are of all our events.We look forward to a wonderful evening!

Photo of Lucas Schoemaker by Stacy Ventura from Edible SF, Summer 2011

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