Whether you are a Fortune 500 company, a visiting dignitary, or a small group with big ideas, our service is the same: VIP. Think of us as your event insurance. From the tastes to the sights, sounds, and service, our experience guarantees yours.

McCalls: The Life of the Party Since 1980


312 Pow Wow Civic CenterAfter almost three decades of refinement, we’ve perfected both the art and the science of the party. We throw some of the best events around, and that’s not just braggadocio—we get letters.

We’ve experienced earthquakes and tech revolutions, World Series wins and diamond jubilees. Through it all we remain dedicated to the gathering of friends and communities and the quintessential activities of the feast, the festival, and the celebration. We are constantly innovating in design, cuisine, party flow, and entertainment. No idea is too big, too small, or clearly impossible.

Powered by the People


Our people are what set us apart. Our staff’s diverse experience and commitment to service, innovation, and sustainability is the heart of our business. Many of our staff members have been with us almost since the beginning, and we are constantly recruiting new talent.

Our approach is simple: Hire good people, hold them to high standards, let them follow their passions, and get out of the way. It’s how we constantly stay fresh–and it’s why we get repeat business, year after year.

Kitchen Rules

Our cuisines span a multitude of styles, tastes, and cultures. We pride ourselves on diversity and have cultivated our culinary group to accommodate the taste of anything you can cook up.

We consistently hear from our guests that McCalls serves the best food they have ever tasted at an event, and in some cases, the best meal they have ever eaten. Local, organic, and sustainable are important to us because we want to take care of the place where we make our living as well as the clients we serve.

Full House

Over the years, we realized that to truly deliver the best experience every single time, we needed a fully integrated approach. That’s why wedding planning and floral and design are in-house departments, and it’s why we own the building that houses our kitchen and equipment warehouse. We have deep relationships with all the major venues in the Bay Area, as well as premium vendors in every category, with whom we partner depending on the need.

Our integrated approach to catering and events is designed so that every aspect of the experience is within our control, and that means our pricing is as reliable as our execution. We can control pretty much everything but the weather (and we’re working on that).

All this means we can scale to your specific event’s needs. Throwing an intimate garden party and just want amazing catering? We’ll arrive on time with the best food your guests have ever eaten. Throwing a blowout bash and need food, design, lighting, flowers, and headline entertainment for 5,000? Just pick up the phone and it’s done.



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