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McCalls Catering Named “Best of the Best That the Bay Area Offers”

August 27, 2010
Kirsty Gumina

Readers of the Nob Hill Gazette named McCalls as “the best of the best that the Bay Area offers.” McCalls is proud to be part of the Gazette’s Best of the Bay Area 2010 list under the “Caterer or Personal Chef” category. McCalls also catered the events for the winners in two other categories: Gala or Event for Elegance (San Francisco Opera Ball) and Gala or Event for Creativity (SFMOMA 75th Anniversary Gala). The runner-ups in each category were also catered by McCalls:Best Gala or Event for Elegance:
SF Ballet Opening Night Gala, Birth of Impressionism opening event at the de Young Museum.

Best Gala or Event for Creativity:
Bouquets to Art at the de Young Museum, SF Zoo’s ZooFest and the Mid-Winter Ball at the de Young Museum.

We are honored to be voted as the Best of 2010 by the readers of the Nob Hill Gazette. Thank you!

Dinner in Honor of Dmitry Medvedev, President of the Russian Federation

July 12, 2010
Kirsty Gumina

President Dmitry Medvedev of Russia and his wife, Svetlana, were the guests of honor at a dinner in San Francisco on June 22 hosted by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, First Lady Maria Shriver, Charlotte Shultz, the state’s chief of protocol, and her husband, former Secretary of State George Shultz.

McCalls was selected to cater the 62-person dinner held at the Shultz’s Russian Hill home. “The sumptuous McCall Associates meal was a clever feast of fine local fare: Russian Hill “Fabergé Egg” with California caviar, tomato and Dungeness crab salad, Harris Ranch fillet of beef, and dessert served with Swanson Vineyards Tardif,” said Catherine Bigelow in her San Francisco Chronicle column.

The kick-off dinner set the stage for a two-day tour that included a visit to Silicon Valley and Stanford University. The President of Russia also sent out his first tweet (via @kremlinrussia_e) during his stay: “Thanks everyone for visiting my Twitter page. I hope to keep your interest.”

Menu designed by Cynthia Warren

Happy 1st Anniversary Rakhee & Raman! A Look Back – Part II

June 20, 2010
Kirsty Gumina

From Maharani Weddings:
There is a ton of guilt free indulgences in store as we continue yesterday’s love story. Rakhee and Raman had their reception on June 20, 2009 at one of my favorite San Francisco locations….City Hall. It is upscale, elegant, and formal and makes you feel like you are in a movie…just take a look…

McCall’s Catering was responsible for the decor for their reception and they did an AMAZING job. From the table clothes, to chairs, to lighting, to FLOWERS – McCall’s hit a homerun on their event design. Fuschia and Orange looks refreshed and alive…..All I can say is WOW!

Photo by Sherman Chu from Maharani Weddings | Read More

Happy 1st Anniversary, Rakhee & Raman! Looking Back – Part I

June 19, 2010
Kirsty Gumina

From Maharani Weddings:
I am very excited to share today’s post! Rakhee and Raman got married on June 19th and 20th at her family home in Alamo. It was a stunning affair filled with love and tradition. This wedding has so much eye candy to take in, that it is a good thing it is calorie free.

Rakhee loves Indian customs. And Raman loves Rakhee, so it made the wedding decision process easy! Miguel Torres from McCall’s Catering did the flowers for both nights of festivities. Often your vendor list for an Indian wedding is upwards of 35 companies, so when I come across caterer who can provide magestic florals (as well as yummy treats!), I always think it is a wise choice.

Photos by Sherman Chu from Maharani Weddings  |  Read More

Low-Sodium Wonder

May 29, 2010
Kirsty Gumina

From Sodium Girl, May 21, 2010:

…Today’s installment is from my recent menu tasting for my upcoming nuptials. And yes, this may be my favorite part of the entire party planning process (although hanging with mom while picking out linens is also a blast…hi Mom). But before I release you to feast your eyes upon the incredible dishes we “critiqued”/devoured, let me set the scene:

Twelve dapper looking family members, in his and her Thursday best, gathered around a rectangular table, anxiously awaiting the appetizers (dim sum and mexican-inspired bites), the first course (an heirloom tomato salad), the entree (a choice of spice crusted lamb, roasted halibut, or butternut squash ravioli with brown butter and sage), dessert (this is top secret information), and the post dessert/let’s keep ‘em dancing food (also top secret).

Already sounds overwhelmingly delicious, right? Well, here’s one more important detail. While the eleven other guests shared plates of the previously listed courses, the wonderful, genius, totally accommodating catering company created separate, low sodium versions for me. But we’re not talking a few dumplings here and a chunk of fish there. I mean they made entire servings of each dish for me – two steaming baskets full of salt-free chicken shu mei and vegetarian potstickers, a whole plate of halibut, a whole plate of lamb, a whole plate of ravioli, and everything in between.

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