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McCalls Honored at SF Green Business Awards Reception

January 25, 2011
Kirsty Gumina

The San Francisco Department of the Environment honored McCalls Catering & Events “with sincere appreciation for helping make our City a greener place.” Lucas Schoemaker, President and Executive Chef of McCalls, accepted the award from Melanie Nutter, Director of the Department of the Environment, at an awards ceremony held on Jan. 19. “McCalls is extremely proud of this award, and to be certified as a San Francisco Green Business,” said Lucas.

The reception celebrated all businesses certified as a San Francisco Green Business in 2010.

As a San Francisco Green Business:

* We buy locally grown produce, pasture raised meats and support small-scale, sustainable farming whenever possible.
* We compost and recycle more than 80% of our refuse.
* Our team closely follows the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch list to ensure use of sustainable seafood.
* We work exclusively with vendors who support our environmental efforts in recycling, reusing, and returning items.
* We print conservatively, reduce unwanted mail, and replace memos with emails.
* We use energy conservation methods to our HVAC, dishwashing, lighting, and refrigeration.
* We utilize Integrated Pest Management Programs to control and minimize the use of toxic chemicals.
* We are committed to donating surplus food and reusable items to food banks and other local charities.

Top Photo: McCalls – Lucas Schoemaker and Lee Gregory
by San Francisco Event Photographers | Orange Photography. Bottom Photo: Lucas Schoemaker with Melanie Nutter, Director of the Department of the Environment by Jan Lundberg.

Hon. Willie Brown, Jr. Calls McCalls: “Academy Award Winning Caterer”

January 5, 2011
Kirsty Gumina

At the Consular Corp party at City Hall hosted by Charlotte and George Shultz in December, the Hon. Willie Brown, Jr. said it “was as festive as a party can be because McCall’s, the Academy Award winning caterer in my opinion, decided to tour the globe for hors d’ oeuvres to honor the more than 70 consulates represented at the party.”

Writing for the San Francisco Chronicle, the former mayor wrote: “McCall’s, as busy as the holiday season must be for them, made each one of the food items seem like it had been made only for you.”

Brown said: “There was a dish to please each one: grilled truffled cheese and porcini sandwiches; chicken shumai; roasted butternut and chestnuts in pumpkin ravioli; smoked Scottish salmon; and crispy prosciutto chips with manchego cheese and pear-apple marmalade.”

In another post for the Chronicle, the former mayor of San Francisco, went to a party at a location he declined to name saying, “This food made you want to linger. It was just the right amount and prepared as if McCalls had actually done it. And I would guess that it was McCalls, not that I visited this private club’s kitchen.”

Both blog posts were unexpected presents. Lucas Schoemaker, our President and Executive Chef, said: “We are humbled and honored by these generous comments.”

Roundtable Discussion: Home Entertaining for the Holidays

December 6, 2010
Kirsty Gumina

The Nob Hill Gazette recently invited Lucas Schoemaker, our President and Executive Chef of McCalls Catering & Events, to join a roundtable discussion on how to “prep, plan and produce memorable events, be it a small dinner party or hundred-guest event.” The guests were chosen for their expertise in wine, catering and entertaining.

Hosted at the home of Gina Gallo and Jean-Charles Boisset, the gathering began with a toast to the San Francisco Giants — World Series Champions!

Lucas offered these tips for planning a festive party in response to questions from Gazette editor Chérie Turner, who moderated the conversation.

Invitations: “Especially during the holiday season, because everybody’s busy, you need to send invitations at least four weeks in advance. I still like a paper invitation in the mail. I believe that people respond much faster than when they get e-vites.”

Home: You need to decide how much of your house you’re going to open up to your guests.

Guests: We had a situation with a party where nobody knew each other. It was very quiet and very sterile. The only way to bring atmosphere to the party was to put out little plates of food, and they had to share it on the table with each other. And once they had to start sharing, they had a conversation. It brought a whole new energy into the party; it was a huge success. We do that quite a lot now, if we see people that don’t know each other.

Surprise Factor: One of the changes I have seen over the years is the surprise factor that you want to give the people. Before, it was big surprise factors like balloon walls that blow up or large bands. But now people just want intimate, small surprises, not these overwhelming things.

For the full-roundtable discussion, please see the Nob Hill Gazette.

Photo by Scott Wall. Courtesy of Nob Hill Gazette

SF Giants – 2010 World Series Champions! One Million Fans Line Parade Route

November 5, 2010
Kirsty Gumina

San Francisco turned into a sea of orange Thursday, as more than one million fans lined the parade route to celebrate the city’s first-ever World Series crown. After clinching the National League title on October 23, the San Francisco Giants dropped only one game against the Texas Rangers. Hall of Famer Willie Mays, who was a member of the last Giants team to win a World Series in New York in 1954, basked in the glow of cheering fans as he waved to them from a convertible rolling through downtown San Francisco. In another convertible, Giants manager Bruce Bochy hoisted the trophy as orange, black and white ticker-tape rained down. The two-hour procession included the players riding in vintage cable cars, tracing the same route the team took when it moved west in 1958. Brian “Fear the Beard” Wilson, delighted fans when the pitcher jumped off his cable car to wade into the screaming throng of fans, 50-deep in some areas.

Earlier that morning, before the first float glided down Market Street, McCall’s Lee Gregory received a call from the Giants at 6:30 AM asking if the San Francisco based catering company could serve the lunch at City Hall. Working feverishly, the chefs at McCalls made 250 meals for the Giants players, coaches, families and VIPs. McCalls also catered the World Series parties for the Giants, including the kick-off festivities held at the California Academy of Sciences for 2,000 people.

Thank you, SF Giants for a DREAM season!

Photo by Lucas Schoemaker: McCalls Chef Mario Molina with Giants outfielder Cody Ross at City Hall.

World Series: Giants vs Rangers – Orange October Grips San Francisco

October 28, 2010
Kirsty Gumina

The San Francisco Giants won its eighteenth National League (NL) pennant in typical nail-biting fashion by a score of 3-2 in the sixth game against the Phillies, the 2008 and 2009 NL champs. In front of a sellout crowd in Philadelphia on Oct. 23, Brian Wilson—known to deliver heart-attack inducing saves – struck out slugger Ryan Howard looking on a full count with two men on base. The Phillies learned the hard way to “Fear the Beard.”

Like the rest of the Bay Area, McCalls has Orange October fever. McCalls is thrilled to be part of the team, catering the World Series celebration parties for the Giants.

On the eve of the the World Series, the Giants hosted 2,000 family members, friends and fans at the California Academy of Sciences. McCalls created special-themed menus with the cuisine reflecting the neighborhoods of the Giants’ hometown: the Wharf, Chinatown, North Beach, Mission District and Haight Ashbury.

In her society column for the San Francisco Chronicle, Catherine Bigelow wrote: “McCalls Executive Chef Lucas Schoemaker started ordering food on Saturday. By Monday, he’d pretty much cornered the market on foodstuffs in the hue of black-and-orange.” With a laugh, Lucas told Miss Bigelow: “There won’t be any Halloween candy left by the weekend.” For pictures of the party, please see Miss Bigelow’s column on it.

The Fall Classic starts tonight. Go Giants! Check Major League Baseball’s website for the World Series TV schedule.

Game 1 World Series photo by Lee Gregory

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