Our People

Our staff’s diverse experience and commitment to service, innovation, and consistency are at the heart of our business. Our approach is simple: Hire good people, hold them to high standards, let them follow their passions, and get out of the way.

Cyrus Pahlavan Catering Management
Arnold Ertola Catering Management, Executive
Lee Gregory Catering Management, Executive
Anna Spraungel Catering Management, Weddings
Kirsty B. Gumina Catering Management, Design & Floral
Hannah St. Clair Catering Management, Weddings
Jill Tydor Catering Management
Dan McCall Executive
Lucas Schoemaker Executive
Josip Martinovic Culinary Group, Executive Chef
Abel A. Lemus Culinary Group, Chef
Brian Nauer Culinary Group, Chef
Mario Molina Culinary Group, Chef
Kenny Yuk Lam Tsui Culinary Group, Chef
Tim Stewart Culinary Group, Chef
Jose Marroquin Culinary Group, Chef
Rolando Kuan Wine Director
Terrance Mulhall Catering Operations
Ben Trotzer Catering Operations
Julie Lockhart Catering Operations
Zack Porter Catering Operations
Sergio Arroyo Catering Operations
Roberto Franco Catering Operations
Thomas Sotelo Museum Cafés
Melinda Quirino Museum Cafés, Chef
Jason Smith Museum Cafés, Chef
Al Rossi Catering Logistics
Oscar Valdez Catering Logistics
Stephen Denison Corporate Events Consulting
Amy Thrash Corporate Events Consulting
Hadley Woodward Design & Floral
Naomi Thoele Design & Floral
Miguel Torres Design & Floral